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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Atlanta

Mega Floors makes adding the beautiful look of engineered hardwoods to your Atlanta home or business easy and affordable.  We understand the appeal of hardwood floors to the residents and business owners in the Atlanta area as hardwoods are both luxurious and timeless in their beauty.   At Mega Floors we also know that the materials and labor associated with traditional hardwood floors can price people out of the market which is why we are big proponents of engineered hardwood floors.   Unlike traditional hardwood floors that come straight from the woods to your home, engineered hardwoods are a more affordable,  complex multi-layered solution that are composed of more than just the species of wood you have chosen to have be the center piece of the room.

What are engineered hardwood floors?

Engineered hardwoods are really a combination of materials.  The layer you will see is a hardwood veneer made of whatever hardwood  you desire. The difference between traditional floors and engineered floors comes in the hidden, inner layers.  Engineered hardwood floors “core” are typically made of plywood or fiberboard. The use of these products brings down the overall cost and makes the hardwoods more stable than pure traditional hardwood.  The great news is that to the naked eye the outer surface adds beauty and authenticity you expect from hardwood floors in your Atlanta home.

What’s the difference between engineered wood and hardwood laminate?

The biggest difference is that engineered hardwood has a surface made of real wood. Though hardwood laminate has a similar core to that of engineered hardwood,  its surface is really a “picture” of wood vs any real wood being present.  Engineered and solid hardwood are both more expensive than laminate flooring but laminate has a completely different look and feel due to its surface.

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Floors in your Atlanta Home:

  • Engineered hardwood floors reduce the moisture problems often associated with traditional hardwood floors
  • The additional layers under the thin slice of wood help block moisture while also adding stability to your floor
  • You do not have to worry about swelling or warping with engineered flooring systems

As always all of our hardwood floors are unmatched in visual warmth and elegance.  Our hardwood makes a statement and an impact. From natural, solid wood to modern, engineered planks (glueless options available), hardwood floors give a timeless look. Featuring a range of tones and finishes, hardwood matches every décor and color palette.  We install hardwood floors and also offer hardwood flooring demolition existing hardwood floors across the entire Atlanta Metro Area.


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