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Megafloors Pet-Friendly Flooring Guide

We’re pet people! There is nothing better than the quality of life your pet brings to you and your family! Everyone at Megafloors in Atlanta GA owns a pet, some of us with multiple pets!

Megafloors Pet Friendly Flooring sells premium pet-friendly flooring all over metro Atlanta to help you and your fur babies have a beautiful home with durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean floors.

Four Things you may want to consider when you have pets and you’re looking for flooring choices:

Lifestyle – Do you have active outdoor dogs or pets that mostly stay inside? Do you allow them to roughhouse indoors? Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but if your dogs are more active and rambunctious, you may want to consider some types of engineered flooring that is tough and more scratch resistant for areas of high traffic (mud rooms, main entrances, etc.) Your Megafloors representative can show you an entire line of beautiful and durable engineered hardwoods that have the look and warmth of wood with the durability and scratch/chip resistance you need with pets so that your floors will stay beautiful even when troops come bounding in from the outdoors!

Size & Number– Do you have big, medium, or small pets? Do you have multiple pets? If you’ve got multiple pets, even if they aren’t super active, you’re may want to look at flooring options that will keep your house smelling good and not degenerating into smelling like a dog house. Your Megafloors representative can show you a host of different flooring styles that fit your pet’s lifestyle. As far as carpets, we offer several different styles and colors that are highly engineered to resist odor and stains, are easy to clean, and super durable.

Personality – Are your pets older? Are they more neurotic than calm? Do they have frequent “accidents”? If you’re looking at carpet you may also want to consider the pad underneath the carpet as well. If dear old Fido pees on the carpet and you don’t have a good pad, it will lessen the importance of your carpet choice. Your Megafloors representative can show you the difference between a regular pad and a pet-friendly pad that reduces moisture and smells and keeps your carpet not only looking and smelling great but also feeling comfortable to everyone in the home.

Pet-friendly flooring styles and options

There are several different styles of flooring that may work for you and your pets. There are a few things you may want to consider when shopping for floors:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Your love your pets and your home. You want them be comfortable without compromising the value of your home and the lifestyle you lead. You may want to take into consideration some of the following Flooring choices:

Engineered Hardwoods – If you have pets and worry about scratches and dents but you still want that hardwood look, Engineered Hardwoods may be something you want to consider. We have lots of beautiful choices from which to choose. Engineered hardwoods are more environmentally friendly and they provide a better moisture barrier which can eliminate some of the moisture problems that are associated with traditional hardwood floors. Engineered floors are super durable, won’t warp or swell, and they are less likely to trap smells. Some veneers can be too thin to refinish which can double the life of the floor so make sure you ask about that when considering Engineered flooring.

Carpet – Look for carpet that has less “loops” which can get caught in your pooch’s paws and run. What doggy doesn’t love to plop down on a nice soft carpet? Our PuppyPerfect™ carpets are laid on a breathable moisture barrier which helps prevent stains from penetrating the padding and subfloor, which reduces odors when stains go unnoticed. You’ll want a carpet that doesn’t “grab” the hair and easily releases it when you clean and vacuum. You can discuss your pet’s habits, favorite areas, and activity level and they will be able to make recommendations that will be best for your home.

Laminate – Laminate flooring has come a long way in terms of beauty and durability. They have a similar look to hardwoods but they are much easier to clean up when you have pets. When they get wet, they can be quite slippery, and they can compromise your pet’s footing. If you’re looking at laminate, you may want to consider an embossed or textured finish to provide better traction for your pet.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) – LVT is one of the fastest growing flooring choices that homeowners make today. It’s a hard surface with a wide variety of options. Sometimes referred to as vinyl plank flooring, LVT may be a great choice for homeowners with pets who want durable beauty at a lower price. You can mimic the look of natural stone or hardwood. It’s durable and holds up well when your pet has an accident or spills a water bowl. LVT can look great in all areas of the house, but you may want to seriously consider it for the areas in your house where you feed your pets.

Hardwoods – Some are better than others when it comes to pets. Hardwoods are super popular and it’s no wonder why. They provide a classic, clean look that is timeless and fairly durable. If your heart is set on hardwoods, consider some of the more naturally durable woods like hickory, walnut, maple, or cherry. Softwoods like pine, chestnut, larch, and fir will pick up dents and scratches more easily especially with larger breeds of dogs and homes with multiple dogs. A coating is going to be very important if you go with hardwoods as well. You’ll want to consider coating several coats with urethane, which will keep your hardwoods resisting scratches and stains for longer. Hardwood floors can be refinished as well, which prolongs the life of your floors.

The Megafloors Pet-friendly Flooring Process

  • Schedule: Call or email to set an appointment. Schedule your complimentary in-home estimate
  • Shop-At-Home: We bring the samples to you so that you can see the flooring in your home with your lighting, décor, and color scheme.
  • Consultation and Estimate: We assess your flooring needs, professionally measure, and provide you with a free estimate before we leave.
  • Professional Turn-key Installation: We move your furniture, install your floors, move your furniture back, clean up and leave. You have beautiful floors with 1 Year Warranty on all Products & LIFETIME Warranty on all carpet.